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19 December 2022
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Google SEO: Webmaster Guidelines recommendations become Google Search Essentials

“Webmaster Guidelines” were created 20 years ago. Beginning of October 2022, Google updated practices that had become obsolete. In addition to making Google’s old Webmaster Guidelines easier to understand, Google’s motivation behind the refresh is to move away from the term “webmaster.” Google has been gradually removing “webmaster” from its registry over the past few years. For example, “Google Webmaster Central” has been renamed “Google Search Central”. For the future, Google wants something more accessible, more generic. A name that does not only designate the expert slice of their users. The tool summarizing Google’s directives is now called: “Google Search Essentials” which will be abbreviated GSE.

Google SEO: content is now categorized into three main parts

Technical requirements

There are few technical things you need to do on a web page to get it on Google search.
Google claims that most sites meet the technical requirements.
The technical requirements are as follows:

  • Googlebot is not blocked
  • The page works (it is not an error page)
  • The page has indexable content

In other words, what Google expects from a webpage to be “receivable” for display in the SERPs is to publish content in a format that Google can index and make sure Google can access it. This is the bare minimum to get a webpage into Google’s index.
On the other hand, getting a webpage to rank in the top pages on qualifying keywords takes more work.

Spam rules

The anti-spam policies section covers behaviors and tactics that can lead to a page or website being ranked lower or de-indexed from Google search. Google’s anti-spam policies will prevent the following: concealment of texts and links, pirated content, abuse of keywords for SEO, abuse of advertising, traffic boost generated by machines or by real people, malicious behavior in general, content subject to copyright etc.

Most of the points above are taken from old Google Quality Guidelines and other related existing guidelines.

Best Key Practices

What we recommend at SEO Exploration:

  • Create interesting and reliable content,
  • Embed images, videos, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words,
  • Strategically use (in titles, headers…and repeatedly) keywords people are likely to search for, add crawlable links,
  • Write your content as you would talk to a friend, improve the performance of your site. This will have an impact on how it appears in search.

No doubt this refurbishment will be an opportunity for any SEO consultant to review what is allowed by the engine and what is not. This update is of “public utility” since it will inform visitors / customers about what is authorized (which is not always done) and measure the part of the risk taken when we start to exceed the yellow line. Google wants to move away from the image of the technical and specific tool to be able to make the use of its tools understandable to the general public. Engine teams believe the updated guidelines “will help site owners avoid creating content that users hate”.

Google SEO: Why choose our solution?

At SEO Exploration, we have a 360º offer that combines:

SEO Audit

Our process begins with a study of your site. We consider several criteria such as the positioning on the terms that will generate traffic on your site, the fluidity of navigation and many others… in order to know your visibility on the internet.
At SEO Exploration, we allow you to identify all the problems related to your site. We give you the freedom to adjust the elements if you want to maximize your performance.

Semantic Analysis

With the semantic analysis, we list all the searches (by Internet users) related to your area of ​​expertise to define an optimal SEO strategy. We offer the same expertise for each of our clients.
Our teams investigate to give you the ideal keywords to promote your value proposition.

SEO Strategy

We are able to write and implement an action plan whose purpose is to provide you with a 360º solution strategy for your website.
Our common target is to make you reach the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)!


We will support the argument on the most efficient terms. We are starting to create content with high indexing potential.
Our teams write for you and according to your needs while remaining consistent with SEO trends.

Technical Interventions

We also carry out a technical audit. This audit makes it possible to analyze a website in more details and produce a technical diagnosis. We are then able to review its structure, its SEO, but also its ergonomics and its responsiveness.

So go ahead and trust SEO Exploration. A team of SEO experts passionate about the digital world and active in 12 countries to cover 4 continents!

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