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Is your website ready to face the technical challenges of the digital age? A visible and well-referenced site is a healthy site. That is, it has to work perfectly well, or you will be penalized on search engines. Find out how a technical optimization audit can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

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What is it?

Your website is one of your company’s most valuable assets. It is your brand’s virtual shop window and can play a key role in generating leads and sales. However, many website owners underestimate the importance of technical optimization of their website. Technical errors can hurt your site’s visibility in search results, slow downloading times and frustrate visitors. This is where a technical optimization audit comes in.

A technical optimization audit is a thorough evaluation process that aims to identify technical issues that are affecting your website’s performance. This can include coding errors, loading speed issues, cross-browser compatibility issues, security issues, etc. Our expert SEO agency uses specialized tools to analyze and evaluate the technical performance of your website. This will allow us to thoroughly analyze the technical aspect of the site, its structure, its natural referencing but also its ergonomics and responsiveness, essential criteria for lead generation. Nothing could be simpler: to be well referenced, you need a healthy site, otherwise you will be penalized by the search engines. As not everything is visible on the surface, it is sometimes necessary to dig to find a broken link or orphan pages that are likely to penalize your ranking. A technical audit gives you an overview of the state of your site and ensures a successful take-off to the top of the SERPs.

Technical errors can damage your website’s visibility and frustrate visitors. Find out how a technical optimization audit can help your business avoid these problems.

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Who is it for?

  • For those who want to have a successful site.
  • To make sure their SEO strategy is on the right track, this is the time.
  • For those whose site is somewhat old.
  • For those whose traffic has dropped significantly over a short period of time.
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How does it work?

Once the technical audit is complete, a report is produced outlining the problems identified and providing recommendations for resolving them. The aim is to improve the quality and performance of your site to ensure a better user experience and better search engine rankings.

A healthy website should be fast, available, regularly updated, secure, have regular traffic and offer a good user experience.

To carry out a complete diagnosis of your website, we take into account different aspects:

Measure the health of the site
Our teams review your entire site following different procedures.
First, it is about having an overall vision of the structure of the site to understand what works and what can be improved.

Optimize the natural referencing (SEO)
It is the logical continuation of the technical optimization. It allows us to check if the site is well optimized on search engines. Our technicians focus here on the ability of the site to be properly crawled and indexed by search engine robots.

Attention to the user experience
Ergonomics, navigation, content and design everything will be fine-tuned and worked on by our teams so that the flight is the most comfortable and successful.


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Improve performance: the technical optimization audit can identify problems that affect the speed and performance of your site. Pages that load quickly tend to have a better bounce rate and are more likely to rank higher in search results.

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Improve user experience: your website visitors need a pleasant user experience to stay on your site and make purchases. Technical optimization audits can identify issues that affect the user experience, such as broken links, forms that don’t work properly and design errors.

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Improve security: we identify security vulnerabilities on your site and help you fix them before they are exploited by hackers.

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Save money: technical errors can slow down your website, which can affect conversion rates and reduce revenue. Our service can identify these issues and help you resolve them before they become a costly problem.

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A technical optimization audit is essential for the health of your website. By performing these analyses on a regular basis, you can ensure that your website is performing optimally, providing a pleasant user experience, and generating positive results for your business.

Benefit from our technical SEO skills.
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The advantages of our intervention

Because for a space flight nothing should be left to chance and our teams want to take you to the top of the SERPS to strengthen your visibility, we take care of your site from the root to ensure that nothing handicaps you and that you can achieve or even exceed your goals. All in total transparency, let’s not add imaginary problems, we will correct what needs to be corrected and nothing more.

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