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Are you looking for maximum visibility in search results but don’t know how to improve your website’s SEO? Do you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your website in relation to SEO best practice? Our SEO audit service is designed to help your website reach its full potential online. Our team of SEO consultants will find the answers to all your questions

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What is it?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit is an analysis that aims to understand the reasons why a website is not ranking well in search engine results. This analysis is very useful in identifying opportunities for improvement in search engine optimization. It is crucial in any SEO strategy. Our SEO experts perform a detailed analysis of your business and your visibility, which you can use to rework your strategy in the long term.

This analysis will help to increase or encourage traffic to your site and increase the number of leads by increasing the conversion rate. If you are wondering why your direct competitor’s website is ranked higher than yours on Google, and if you want to attract quality traffic without having to resort to paid advertising campaigns, our SEO consultants can help you with your web projects.

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Who is it for?

Our SEO audit is designed for small and large companies in all sectors of activity that have a website and wish to know their level of SEO best practices. We ensure that we assess the health of your website, identify technical, content and user experience issues, and identify opportunities for optimization to improve your website’s online ranking. SEO auditing can be particularly useful for businesses that depend on their website to attract traffic and generate leads and sales.

Would you like to have the keys in hand to implement an ambitious strategy and gain visibility?

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To establish a solid digital strategy, to improve your e-reputation, to reinforce your traffic rate and to increase the conversion rate. Indeed, once the SEO audit has been carried out, our SEO consultants will have the keys to recommend actions to improve the positioning of your website in the organic search results. This translates into increased traffic and visibility on search engines. Our web marketing experts will analyze different aspects of your website, such as:

  • The quality of the content (relevance, quality, structure, keywords used, etc.)
  • The structure of the site (page architecture, internal links, meta tags, etc.)
  • Technical problems (loading speed, error tags, redirects, etc.)
  • Backlinks strategy (quality and quantity of links pointing to the site)


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Improved visibility in search results: by identifying technical, content and user experience issues, the SEO audit will provide relevant information to improve your website’s ranking in search results, which can increase its visibility and organic traffic.

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Improved user experience: the SEO audit can help identify user experience issues that may be affecting your usability and performance, which in turn can help establish levers for improving the overall visitor experience.

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Better content quality: our analysis identifies content issues and provides recommendations for improving the quality and relevance of your online content. Ultimately, visitors are more satisfied and therefore more engaged.

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Optimization opportunities identified: our SEO audit identifies optimization opportunities to improve your SEO, such as keyword optimization, site structure improvement, image optimization, etc.

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A solid foundation for future SEO strategies: by providing an in-depth assessment of the health of a website, the SEO audit will provide you with a solid foundation for planning and implementing your future SEO strategies.

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Concretely, what is it?

A study of your site according to your position on the terms most searched by Internet users and which are consistent with your activity. We seek to determine your visibility on the terms that will generate organic and qualified traffic.

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The advantages of our intervention

Our SEO experts will help you identify your site’s indexing problems and adjust the elements necessary to perform well. They also work to improve the readability and comprehension of your content. With multi-sector experience and a keen interest in the discipline, our teams will guide you through your climb, making sure you know what they are doing.

We provide personalized recommendations to improve your website’s SEO and achieve your online business goals.




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