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30 December 2022
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Why do we need to run a SEO analysis every 6 months?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing represents all the techniques necessary to improve your positioning on SERPs, Google search results. Google’s algorithm ranks your site according to many factors: the relevance of keywords, the responsiveness of the site, the adaptation on mobile, the meaning of the content, etc. Therefore, it is important to know how to reference your site properly by having the right SEO tools at your disposal.

Before going any further! If you want to better understand the ins and outs of SEO, you should read this article: “SEO: Definition and Importance”.

What is a SEO analysis?

A SEO analysis consists of several steps.

First, you need to check the positioning on Google to see the visibility of your site according to the keywords requested by users. For this, you can use tools that allow you to see your ranking according to the keywords used, tools that allow you to optimize your web pages and improve them with the help of keywords and phrases that will be proposed. You can also analyze the different links you have on your web pages, this is important for SEO because quality backlinks improve your position.

We can find 4 axes in a SEO analysis

-The first one is rather internal with the architecture of the site and its optimization, the title and meta tags, the quality of the content and the keywords.

-There is also a competitive axis and therefore the study of the positioning of competitors on the same keywords.

-The technical axis which studies the loading speed, the adaptation of the mobile site, the intuitiveness of the navigation, etc.

-And finally, there is the external axis that studies the number of external links that refer to your site, which corresponds to the popularitý of your site. All these axes allow you to position yourself on the market, and define the SEO strategy to adopt.

The importance fo the SEO analysis

First of all, for a website to be well referenced on Google, it must be in constant evolution to boost organic traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly define the points to improve which will allow you to obtain a better visibility.

The SEO analysis allows you to know who are your competitors according to similar keywords, and to better position yourself compared to them. It will also help you understand why your pages are more or less well positioned, by detecting the elements that make your pages poorly referenced. This can be due to bad internal or external linking, to a too long loading time, or to recurrent malfunctions. Thus, if your strategy is bad; you can react to update your site and improve your referencing. Knowing that the evolutions of research of the Internet users are constant; it is then all the more necessary to proceed to regular audits.

Who contact for your SEO analysis?

An agency specialized in SEO will be able to accompany you on a regular basis. Doing an analysis every 6 months is a good rhythm to allow your company to check that everything is in order on your website and that the pages are always well positioned in the SERPs. An agency specialized in SEO is an expert in its field, it will be able to offer you a relevant analysis to propose you the most adapted solutions. The advantage of working with an SEO agency for a company is to save time, and eventually increase traffic to the company’s website. It is therefore a cost-effective and easy solution when you do not have a dedicated́ team for the SEO.

What are the steps to improve your natural referencing?

After the analysis, the weaknesses have been detected, now they need to be fixed. It is therefore necessary to put a SEO strategy in place.

The SEO stategy folloys 4 major axes:

Internal content optimization: this is about creating better content with more internal linking and more effective keywords and phrases. This means adding optimized content such as blog articles, a comprehensive glossary page and regular optimization of your service pages.

The optimization of the external reputation of your website: we want to improve your position compared to your competitors and create more external links that lead to your site, which requires communication strategies on social networks, in person or via advertising campaigns.

Technical optimization of the website: if the SEO analysis shows that the website is too slow, takes a long time to load, that the navigation is not intuitive or is complex, that the website is not mobile-friendly, then it is necessary to set up with a developer new systems to improve all these points. If the website is aging, the SEO analyst will probably suggest a redesign of the site which will make it more attractive.

Optimizing the performance of your website: during the SEO analysis, the expert will study the different KPIs of your website. In other words, he will look at all the indicators that allow him to observe the behavior of users on your website in order to better understand what works and what does not. Thus, the implementation of the SEO strategy takes into account the KPIs to know where to go. For example, if the bounce rate is extremely high, it is possible that it is related to the slowness of loading the site or even to the web design that is not attractive. These points must be improved. Or if the analyst observes that the click-through rate is very low, perhaps he will advise you to create more pages, more content and more links that lead to other information.


In addition, doing a SEO audit (or SEO analysis) every 6 months allows you to verify that you are still following the right strategy, and to adjust it differently if the analysis shows some weak points. This allows you to increase your organic traffic, and eventually, your conversion rate.

How does our SEO agency help you with your SEO analysis?

Our agency specialized in search engine optimization offers its services in SEO analysis and accompany you in the creation and implementation of the strategy. Our experts will rely on a complete analysis to improve traffic to your site and offer you more visibility and notoriety. We also propose to write relevant content to feed your site and propel you in the top positions of SERPs.

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