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~500 visits/mo to 3k+ visits/mo—in just 4 months of work

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We began working with an LED manufacturer and distributor in the U.S. in December of 2019. Within 2 months of starting, the content we were producing was beginning to outrank Home Depot and similarly authoritative websites for queries related to LEDs.

After 4 months of SEO work, the pandemic hit and they decided to cut their entire marketing budget.

Once things calmed down, they decided to direct their marketing towards other offerings, continuing to work with us and putting the LED website SEO on the back burner.


The website continued to grow in traffic. Almost 2 years without any SEO work being done and the website continues to increase in organic traffic from search engines. When we began work, the website got roughly 400-500 visitors per month through organic search. At the end of 2021—2 years later/16 months without SEO work—it gets around 3,000 visitors per month.


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